HP Photosmart 8150 Driver Download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

This is a printer device from Hewlett Packard is a smaller, less expensive cousin of Photosmart 8450. It can easily serve becomes a multi purpose printer, with good performance over Board and output quality that range from requiring only from very good to very good. But what defines 8150 special interest is actually the color LCD and kiosk-style features a menu that lets you fix the flaws with your photos whenever you print with no computer.

HP Photosmart 8150 Driver Download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
HP Photosmart 8150

Even when we catch a glimpse of the fast-8150 means that it is not a typical ink jet. 2.5-inch LCD on the front panel is equipped with several dozen buttons and knobs, along with a slot for memory cards format 6. There is also a USB port for each camera PictBridge, USB key or perhaps a Bluetooth adapter $50. LCD allows you to preview your image, and the button also lets you work with direct printing menu to photograph plants, remove red-eye, adjust brightness, apply digital flash, and more, with no the computer in the eye. You can also choose to print the frame given by video clips.

Typical settings are common for ink jet is connected with a USB cable, except for the choice of ink. The printer has a cartridge color color photo of three of your cartridge. However, you can recover photos-black cartridge has ink cartridges, all we did for our suite of business-specific applications, or have a photo-gray cartridge, which is supposed to be for black and white photos.

And also they give a quality Output in the top tier for ink jet, ranked only needs both for the text and the graphics and very good for photos. More than fifty percent of our test fonts easily readable at 4 points, though some modern fonts need 12 points. The graphics are just suffering from the appeal in default mode and also a tendency to full page output to make the paper curl just a bit.

This device also has a very good performance, the whole time 42 seconds on our business applications suite is faster than all but a few Ink Jet and never much slower than the fastest we've seen, the Canon Pixma iP4000 Pixma iP3000 and, each of which experienced a total time 15:48. For photos, average 1:52 to print 4-by-6 and also 4:23 average for 8-by-10 Similarly faster than most Ink Jet, though only about a quarter of the speed of the $480 Canon i9900.

HP Photosmart 8150 Driver Download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux:


  • HP Photosmart 8150 WinXP Printer Driver : Download
  • or For Windows click : here

Mac OS

  • HP Photosmart 8150 Mac Printer Driver : Download


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